Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Skinny on Shapers

I have yet to meet a bride who hasn't been on some sort of "wedding diet" or "wedding work-out routine". Whether you're looking to drop a few, or you're naturally thin and looking to add some curves, chances are, if you're getting married, you're concerned about how you're going to look in that dress. It is probably that one moment in your life that surpasses all bikini seasons and all high school reunions to jump-start your motivation and kick your butt into gear for getting into shape. Unfortunately, not everyone reaches their "goal" size for the wedding, because really, who isn't a stress eater (to all those who don't eat when they're stressed out, I have words for you...not fair!)? There are parties and celebrations and showers leading up to the big day, and that means plenty of food and cocktails to counteract all the good stuff you've been doing in the gym.

If your wedding is mere weeks away and you're not down to the size you had envisioned you would be, fear not. There are some great "slimming" garments out there that work wonders! They really do smooth you out and suck you in, and can make you look 1 -2 sizes smaller! Now, you must understand that these won't be the "pretty" undergarments you see on TV or in magazines, and you might want to slip into the washroom to remove them before your groom gets a look-see. You may even want to wait about half an hour and hope all of the indentations in your skin start to disappear before strutting into your bridal suite.

These undies aren't going to be super cheap; budget for around $100 for them, although many are less. Read up on reviews and find out which one is best for you. I suggest the style that start right under your bra and go to mid-thigh for optimal "sucking-inage".

The above shaper is by the very well known company "Spanx". Known for their celebrity endorsements and being one of the first shaper companies to actually make comfortable and discreet shapers, Spanx is readily available online and in stores, and would be great for your wedding under things. This one is about $75 US and can be found right here:

The black shaper above is also available in nude (but it just looks so much prettier in black, right?). It is made by the lesser known but equally (if not more) effective company Dr. Rey's Shapewear. It's available in all sorts of styles, but I personally found the one above on and I loved it! It costs about 50 bones, and I definitely recommend this one for creating a very sexy hour-glass shape. Find this one here:

I'm certain you'll be amazed by the incredible power these shapers have, and honestly believe they are a must have for any girl looking to slim down a bit to look fab in her dress. Good luck and happy shaping!

Above dress is from Watters & Watters.

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