Monday, August 3, 2009

First the E-ring, then the E-Session

So, I'm trying to NOT make this blog all about things I wish I could have done for my wedding, but alas here's another one. For some reason, I decided to forgo an engagement photo shoot. My love for photography hadn't quite hatched at that time, and I was still pleasantly satisfied with the pictures I had from the day that we got engaged, so I just never really thought twice about it.

Well, if I hadn't already regretted this decision, this amazing photo shoot sure would have done the trick! Photographed by famed local photographers Reine and Jana are possibly the cutest couple I know: Meghan and Chris. You might recognize Meghan from the Barbie bridal shower, and you're sure to hear more about this couple after their September 4th wedding.

In the meantime, soak up the gorgeousness that is this photo. I love the location, I love the expressions, but I really really love the unique vintage quality the photo has. The suspenders and the sweet piggy back ride just have "The Notebook" written all over it for me. Kinda makes me want to round up my hubby and go for a ride on a ferris wheel. But most of all, it makes me incredibly happy for these two. Not only have they found each other and a future full of happiness, but they have possibly the raddest engagement photos I could ever imagine.

All the best you two!

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