Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Invitation Inspiration and Etsy Tuesdays

All invitations design credit: Enfin La Voila

Yes, I know, I already posted on invitations last month, but I just love stationary so much that I cannot stop! I have decided to post a monthly feature on my favourite paperie of the month, because I truly believe that your stationary helps set the tone for your wedding and really helps when narrowing down colour schemes and themes. It's also "etsy Tuesday" so I get to kill two birds with one stone!

This month I am IN LOVE with designer Marijke Janssens of Enfin La Voila out of Belgium. Her designs are so unique, so creative, so vintage, so classic, so completely and utterly amazing that it's so hard to stop saying "So". Ok, I'll stop, but hopefully you get the point how truly enamored I am with these designs (hint hint Mom- stationary set for Christmas please?)

I was introduced to Enfin La Voila by an etsy-addicted friend (sorry M, you know you are!) after she ordered a sample set of the peonie suite (pictured top). I was blown away by how gorgeous the samples were- the colours, the design, the shimmery paper. For a second I contemplated getting married again just so I could use her stationary, but I quickly shook my head and realized that's not a good reason to dump my husband whom I adore (hmm, I'm thinking baby announcements instead?).

Anyhoo, if you don't believe me or the truly stunning pictures you see before your eyes, you can order a complete sample suite for about $5 plus s/h. I'm not going to lie, these invites will cost you a very pretty penny, so if you don't have a large amount allocated to your stationary, then maybe don't order the sample because it just might make you a teensy weensy bit depressed. You CAN, however, take the gorgeous vintage detailing and burst of colours and use these invites as inspiration for your own stationary or wedding theme (inspiration is always free!)

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  1. Wow! very nice invitations. Nice ideas using vintage design. That would be perfect for a great wedding.