Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Dress: After the Final Pose

So, the day is done, your tan is starting to fade from that wicked honeymoon, and you're quickly realizing how much stuff you have left over from your wedding. Time to start clearing your life of stacks of paper and ribbons and bows. But that dress. Oh that dress! You spent months scouring bridal magazines, hours browsing online, and tried on many to find it. But when you did, it took mere moments to fall in love and start a very fulfilling relationship with it. Now what? What do you do with this sentimental, wearable piece of art?

Before my wedding, I completely assumed I would NEVER be one of those "I'm keeping my dress forever" kind of girls. Although I must admit wearing my mom's wedding dress for a highschool play, and subsequently covering it in blood for my zombie bride halloween costume was very much fun, I certainly never had any intention of ever wearing her dress for my own wedding. And if I don't expect my own daughter to wear my dress, then what's the point in keeping it?

I know it's pretty useless to me now, but for some reason I still can't bring myself to let it go. It's so pretty, so ME, and whenever I look at it every single emotion and memory from that day comes flooding back. I'm hoping that after my eventual "trash the dress" session that my dress's future might become more clear to me (yes, I know I've been married for almost a year, but I am planning on getting all bridal again and dragging my hubby along to some fun and creative shoot just the two of us. I'm just waiting for the "right" time, aka, for 15 pounds to magically melt off my body while simultaneously tanning to a gorgeous caramel without the ensuing potential skin damage).

Anyhow, for those of you who are also unsure of what to do with your wedding dress, here are a few ideas:

1.) Sell it or Donate it: This is a very eco-friendly option since by recycling your dress you are preventing the production of at least one new dress (if not more if it is resold again and again). Try consignment stores like Treat Bridal in Langley or online. Use any extra money from the sale to settle into your newlywed life or pay off any remaining wedding debts.

2.) Preserve it: If you really can't bring yourself to part with your dress, make sure you have it professionally preserved. This will prevent any fabric discoloration or degradation from occurring.

3.) Reuse it: Although not feasible for some styles of dresses, think about having it died or altered to be worn as a cocktail or formal dress.

4.) Recreate it: Have a blanket or throw pillows made from the fabric, or even doll dresses that can be passed on to your children.

5.) Art-ify it: (Ok, I made that word up. I think. I mean, I'm sure someone else has probably made it up before me, but just thought I'd get it out there that sometimes I alter words.) Anyways, if you really love your dress and could stare at it for hours on end like me, why not have a local artist or art student/fashion designer sketch out a rendering of your dress in classy greyscale? Frame it, mount it, adore it. Then refer to another one of the previous numbers.

Anyone else have any other good ideas on what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding day?

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