Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful Blooms

Gorgeous bouquet of roses, anemones, tulips, dusty miller and craspedia (aka billy balls). Anemones in season Jan- May and Aug-Dec. Tulips in season Dec-April.
Source: above and below-Lotus Haus and Love and Splendor
Dahlias are absolutely stunning and come in so many colours! Probably one of my all time favourite flowers. In season: summer.
Ranunculas are another one of my faves, and are a great alternative to peonies during the off season. In season Feb-May.
Source: Mocha Rose
Source: The Knot
And really, what can top peonies for wedding flowers? They are just SPECTACULAR! So incredibly romantic. In season: Spring (May/June)
Source: The Knot
And I had to post this bouquet because it reminds me so much of my own. The colours and textures are very similar, although I had dahlias and not peonies since I was married in August!

I can't really imagine a wedding without flowers. Of course, it's been done before, and it's been done fairly effectively (using feathers or branches or another alternative). But really, flowers breathe life into a wedding. That same feeling you have when you put fresh flowers in your home is exactly the same effect that flowers have on your wedding, except times a million. In addition to the gorgeous blooms above, I also love orchids of any kind and calla lillies. Flowers definitely should reflect your personal style and overall wedding theme, so make sure to choose flowers that suit you and compliment your wedding vision, not just flowers that everyone else would choose. Be original, mix and match, and make sure to layer textures and colours for the most impact!

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