Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Colour Fabulousness! Real Wedding and Dessert Table

Is it bad that I'm craving M&M's for breakfast?

I started off my morning falling in love with Jade's incredible dessert table spread worthy of the legendary Amy Atlas. Jade was a DIY bee on Wedding Bee and has since started her own DIY website that you can drool over here. She really actually did this dessert table all DIY style, making the cupcakes, petit fours and cake pops (courtesy of another of my faves Bakerella) the DAY BEFORE her own wedding. A little crazy, but she pulled it off!

I absolutely love the vibrant colours, and although I'm usually a fan of the more muted colour combinations for weddings, I think that Jade definitely pulled it off and her wedding is a great example of how to "do colour" effectively. I still can't quite get over how gorgeous the petit fours are either. The detail and design varieties are amazing!

Photography: Scott and Tem

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