Sunday, July 5, 2009

Top 10: #8 Be picky with your guests list...

8. Be picky with your guest list.
Not all weddings are size-constrained because of budget. Many are being held in venues that have a maximum occupancy, and regardless of how much money you have to spend, if you have found the place of your dreams you may have to make concessions with your guest list.

Sure, lavish 300-400 guest receptions definitely make an impact, but do you really know all of those guests? Will you be in touch with those guests for years to come? Unless your family is monstrous, you probably don't need to invite the entire town. As I asked my husband to do with his friends list, ask yourself these questions: Is this person in my contacts on my cellphone? Have I talked to this person in the last 6 months? Have I seen this person in the last year? Do I think I will still be close to this person in upcoming years? I dont need to break down the answers to each of these questions as they are pretty self-explanatory, but hopefully you will see the value in asking yourself these.

Although etiquette mavericks across the nation will probably cringe at this advice, don't feel like you HAVE to invite dates for all of your single friends, especially if you're younger with a group of young, single friends. If most of your friends aren't in relationships, why not have them all seated together at a table so they can enjoy each other's company instead of entertaining some wedding date that no one else knows. My logic here is: if you have a limited guest list would you rather be able to invite one more friend or family family member to share your special day with you, or would you rather that spot be taken by someone you've never met before and most likely will never see again? What interest do they have in witnessing the union of two strangers? Probably none. And you never know, maybe some of your single friends will take a liking to each other and you'll be credited as a successful matchmaker!

Guest lists are always tough, but just realize that not everyone can be invited and you might need to make some slightly unfortunate but rather necessary cuts. However, if you have an unlimited budget and massive venue, then don't let me stop you! Heck, you can invite me if you like!


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