Monday, July 27, 2009

An example of great wedding videography

Ashley & Jamie's Same Day Edit from Anguilla from Julie Hill on Vimeo.

I mentioned videography in an earlier post, but didn't post any relevent material to really back up my firm recommendation of hiring a professional videographer to capture your wedding memories. Well, here I have it; a lovely, short and sweet clip by the amazing Elysium Productions first found on my favourite blog ever, Style Me Pretty. And if you're anything like me, you will probably shed a few tears.

I can't stress how invaluable I believe videography is and forever will be to yourself and your family. It's perhaps the most amazing gift one could have, and you only have one shot at it. Why am I so passionate about this crusade? Well, let's just say that yours truly decided that family-shot footage on a just-bought, barely-charged video recorder would suffice. Well, it didn't. Albeit it is much better than nothing at all, but the camera died before mine or my husband's speeches, we have no video of our guests and when you have one camera, you only get one angle, and one view. We love movies, so why wouldn't we have wanted our own real-life fairy tale captured artistically forever? Don't ask me, I'm still bitter myself about the oversight on my part.

If it is anywhere in your budget, make sure to hire yourself a great videographer. You'll be happy you did. And if it's not (we understand times are tough), rally up a handful of friends and family with fully-charged digital camcorders, and make sure they capture every detail of your big day. You can then send the footage to a production company to edit it and make a video for you, learn to do it yourself using programs like iMovie for Mac, or have a talented friend do the work. Another option for those who just refuse to listen to me, or their wedding day has come and gone, you can always make your photos into a slideshow, put it to music, or commentary, and burn it to a disc. Regardless, record all of your hard-work and all of your priceless emotional memories, and I promise, you'll thank me in the end!

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