Friday, July 3, 2009

Prepare to be

I apologize in advance to all the future addicts out there. What I am about to expose you to is extremely addicting and likely to awaken any dormant obsessive personality traits. If you haven't yet acquainted yourself with, then you should promptly make your web-savvy way there. Etsy, the online marketplace for all things amazing is the crafty and handmade equivalent to ebay. Not only is Etsy a hot spot for unique design and adorable finds, it's also supporting mostly female small business owners, and who doesn't want to support that?

Etsy is an amazing resource for the bride-to-be or hostess, featuring finds such as handmade garters, cake boxes, ring pillows, monograms, stationary and the like. One of my favorite parts of etsy, however, isn't even a tangible product at all. Graphic designers will often sell electronic designs which are downloadable, printable and sometimes customizeable. You purchase the file, and you print it yourself. My new obsession is with the seller Paper and Cake (, and you just HAVE to check out these printed materials for a bachelorette party! You get all of these files and more, and for only $5! The link to the Etsy store is: There are even more unbelievable finds to be had, but I do warn you that you may need to set aside a few hours because once you start Etsy-ing, you can't stop!

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