Monday, June 29, 2009

Top 10: # 3 When you find "the" dress, buy it!

3. When you find "the" dress, buy it. Ok, so this may be contrary to others who suggest you should try on a gazillion dresses to find the perfect bridal gown, but I believe that when you fall in love, it's for real. I, for one, walked by the store window of a bridal shop and gazed upon my dream dress. It wasn't exactly what I had initially envisioned as my wedding dress, but the more days I spent away from it the more I realized it was perfect. When I went back to the shop weeks later my dress was gone forever and it was too late to order another. I did end up finding an almost equally perfect dress that was very similar, but I still have fond and bittersweet memories of the one I let get away.

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