Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cupcake Heaven

Note: I am transferring some posts from my old blog, to this new one, hence the different dates in the the posts!

April 1, 2009

My husband Kevin likes eating cupcakes. I like making them. Some would say we’re a match made in heaven, but I already knew that. 

Before I started my quest to master “cupcakery”, I truly underestimated the craft. It can’t be THAT hard, right? I mean, they’re just cupcakes. Wrong. Cupcakes, if made to be consumed almost immediately, can be a fairly easy task. Making cupcakes look almost too pretty to eat, however, is a lot of work. Getting the perfect texture of icing without flinging icing sugar all over the kitchen is the easiest part. Separating the icing into different bowls to colour them is messy, sticky and really not that fun. Getting the icing into the pastry bag is, again, messy to the extreme. When multiplied several times over for the different colours, you are left with a disaster of a kitchen, very dirty clothes, and no enthusiasm to decorate your cupcakes. It DOES get better after your first time though, I promise.

Last night I decided to get in the Easter spirit and baked 36 cupcakes ( 24 mini, 12 regular). It never occured to me that Easter isn’t for quite a few days, and I would be left with 36 cupcakes in my home with nowhere to go (they have since found a home in the tummy’s of co-workers.) Next time I’ll bake closer to the holiday so that I can actually give them away to people for a reason! Anyways, I saw a very cute idea using mini eggs on top of the icing to make it look like they’re sitting in the grass, so I decided to try it out. I also made some fondant rabbits and flowers to add to the Easter theme. While I was decorating I decided to try out a few new “cupcake charms” I have acquired for future use. I have a set of super cute faux engagement rings that would be great for an engagement party or bridal shower, and little baby bottles meant for a baby shower. Love them! I have some tricks up my sleeve for the cupcakes for Meghan’s upcoming shower, but I’m keeping that a surprise;)

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