Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm a Mrs! Name changing woes...

We all know the hassle of replacing lost or stolen credit cards or ID, but what about changing your legal last name? Most married women will tell you of the challenges of tracking down the forms and necessary paperwork to change your last name for all of your accounts, legal records, memberships and so on. The list goes on and on, and most newlywed Mrs.’s will tell you that they still get mail addressed to their maiden name. Well, at least I know I still do!

I recently had a bride who reflected over the stress of planning a wedding and how it doesn’t end after the big day. The work doesn’t cease after the wedding, and although the stress drops off there is still the pain and hours of work involved in changing your name. That is why when I heard of a great local (Vancouver) company that aims to make your name changing experience easier, I jumped for joy! What a great tool to offer clients, and even better, what a great shower gift! Imagine giving your friend and bride-to-be something she can really use, and something that no one else will have thought of! Basic packages start at $29.99, and whether you’re looking for yourself or for  friend, checking out will definitely be worth your while!

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