Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Introducing... the Bella Bash Boutique!

I am so excited to announce to opening of Hello Bella's very own Etsy shop! As many of you may know, I love etsy, and I love paper, so it seems only natural to open up a shop selling printable paper party wares!

Some may already know what a printable party is, but for those of you who don't, well here's the low-down. You purchase a party from the Bella Bash Boutique, decide if you want it customized with a monogram (free for November!), and then wait. For customized parties, you will receive an email in your inbox within 48 hours (non-custom parties it's just 24 hours). This email will include all of the pdf files you need to print off your very own party. For best results, I suggest emailing the files to your local Office Depot print shop and getting them printed on a minimum of 80lb white cardstock (18 cents a piece), but you are also welcome to use your printer at home. Once you print as many copies as you need, you cut, assemble, and party! Every party is accompanied by easy to follow directions and a supply list.

Why a DIY printable party you may ask? Well, as an event planner I am well aware that not every one can hire a designer or planner for parties such as birthdays and showers. People have come to accept that custom and stylish event design is just for a wedding (or for a host with mad graphic design skills or an enviable budget). My goal with the Bella Bash Boutique is to make sure you never have to walk down that craft/party aisle again to buy over-priced, over-used, and often tacky party wares for the event that you're hosting.

What do you get in your party? Everything from invitations, to favor boxes and bags, to cupcake wrappers and more. Essentially, add the food and treats and you've got yourself a party!

Currently I've got 3 parties created and ready to go, which I will be rolling out on my blog over the next few days (complete with fun DIY projects to compliment each party). Also expect to see custom digital invitation design for weddings and more!

I have more parties in the works, but I want to hear from YOU what themes you think I should create for my next collections? Please leave your feedback, and I will select one poster at random to receive a free party of their choosing!

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  1. First of all, I LOVE the vintage silhouette party designs!
    I would love to see something inspired by Sex and The City , something sassy, something perfect for a bachelorette party!