Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello Kitty, Hello Baby!

Erin, the mom-to be, and Tracy, the Hello Kitty loving hostess with the mostess!

I love a good challenge ( a country rooster themed wedding would certainly be an unfortunate challenge), but I also love a theme that takes advantage of things I have a penchant for.

When Tracy asked me to help design a pink and brown Hello Kitty baby shower for her friend Erin, I was over the moon. HK and I are pretty good friends. She hangs out with my house keys, she adorns my notebooks, and helps me keep things organized in folders. Much to my husband's dismay, HK is a rather permanent fixture in my home (more specifically, and to appease the hubs a bit, in my office). I thought I was HK crazy until I rolled into Tracy's house. This girl has more Hello Kitty than the Richmond Night Market, possibly more than Japan.

Although she had lots of Kitty goodies that could be used throughout, I decided to take a more custom approach and designed the HK labels which were inspired by the storefront sign of the Hello Kitty Sweets Shop in Japan. Tracy was the PERFECT client, as she was very hands on and made pretty much every suggestion I gave her come to life. I sent her a picture of adorable hello kitty cupcakes- so she made them. I introduced her to Bakerella's cake pops, so she went out and got the necessary supplies, and we made them. She literally constructed an army of tissue paper poms that were hung throughout her home, and her creative touch made the shower really come to life. Did I mention she made her famous almond roca recipe for the take home favors? Yup, she's Martha Stewart. Or shall I say Martha Kitty?

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