Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pretty Pillows... Perfect Repurposing

I love handmade, and I love pretty. But sometimes pretty handmade things come with a price tag. When you buy an original, a one of a kind, or anything that someone has toiled over for hours, you're going to pay for it. So what to do when you fall in love with something that you might not be able to justify in your budget? Repurpose! Repurposing your wedding things after your big day achieves two ends: the investment you made on your wedding accessories aren't just one-day throw aways, AND you can fill your home and life with things from your wedding that are filled with memories and emotion.

This is why I am IN LOVE with these stunning ring pillows from MaiharDesign. The designs are absolutely incredible, and by going for a more unique, bespoke pillow over a tradional ring pillow, you can actually USE it for something other than a ring pillow. Where, you may ask? Well, how about for your baby's nursery?

I personally used my table number frames to house my wedding pictures around my home, and I use my bouquet bling for pretty much anything that needs a little sparkle. Almost everything you buy for your wedding can find a home in your home afterwards (much to many husbands dismay!), and anything extra (multiple vases, frames etc) make great momentos to give to your close family or friends. What special event items have YOU (or will you) repurpose after your wedding or event (grad, birthday, party)? Leave a little blog love with your ideas!

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  1. Thanks for featuring our pillows. :)

    Repurposing is a great idea. For my own wedding, similar to the lovely flowers on the pillows made by my sister, we created floral, silk centerpieces (rather than real flowers). It's perfect, because those flowers now adorn my household. We've also framed the centerpiece fabrics in frames scattered throughout my house.

    If you love something enough, there is always a way to reuse it. That's why we consider the Maihar Design pillows 'keepsakes.'

    Thanks again!