Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Cookie Buffet

Are you starting to get the feeling that I have a bit of a sweet tooth? Well, I must admit, I have a MAJOR one... as evidenced by posts like this, this, this and this.

While everyone is pleasantly enjoying their October in 2009, us wedding junkies are living in 2010 seeking out inspiration and insight into wedding and event trends. One that I see making a huge mark on the wedding industry is the Cookie Buffet. Really, who doesn't love cookies? I'll take a cookie over, well, pretty much anything. There is something about cookies that just makes them so... satisfying. Yes, they're delicious and full of butter and sugar and tastiness, but there's also a feeling that cookies come with- that homemade goodness, those childhood memories of baking with mom in the kitchen and getting our hands a little messy (and then licking the spoon afterwards!).

Cookie buffets are, of course, a spin off of the uber popular candy buffet, but in many ways more economical and practical. I've done many a candy buffet, and can say they are, to say the least, a pain in the behind. Attractive, tasty, colour co-ordinated candy is difficult to find, and the cost adds up quickly (average about $2-$5 per guest). You will probably go to dozens of stores to find just the right selection, and you'll end up with a much larger hole in your pocket than you anticipated. A cookie buffet, however, is friendly on the budget, and best of all you can utilize your wedding party in the kitchen. Have each member, or family member at that, make a batch of their favourite cookie recipe. This way you'll have plenty of selection, and you'll have spread out your wedding work load a bit.

Want ways to really make your "Cookie Buffet" your own?:
~Attach favourite recipe cards to the treat bags for a unique guest favour
~Name your cookies after your favourite things (movies, books, vacation spots etc) and use creative and pretty labels that match your wedding theme. What would I name my cookies? Well, "Gone with the Mint", and "Titanic Chunks of Chocolate"...and (don't laugh) but I'd probably throw a "Legally Blonde Brownie" in there ;)
~Artistic? Paint something fun on brown paper bags (or have a little one finger paint as seen at Buzz Bishop's wedding in the last picture)
~Have the grandmas, aunts or other important figures in your life do the baking. Chances are they are more than happy to help out, and baking for your wedding is the perfect (and not too tedious) task to give them
~Display your cookies in fabulous fashion: build multi-tiered, paper covered boxes like the first picture, use a lovely display of glass jars and pedestals, display them in tin flower troughs, or even antique vases and dishes borrowed from family members. Whatever you decide to use, be original and personalize, personalize, personalize!
~Mix your displays of homemade cookies in with some expert custom designed cookies like the ones from the Steveston Cookie Company. You will still get the visual impact of these gorgeous designer treats without having to buy one for each and every guest.

Lastly, remember this trend isn't just for weddings! Cookie buffets can easily be incorporated into your next cocktail party, shower, or birthday. I think I'm going to go have a cookie now...


  1. A recent couple did have, as part of their candy buffet, trays of cookies, brownies, fudge, mini muffins and cupcakes.

  2. Rev. Carleen, what you're describing is also a very popular wedding trend, most commonly known as a Dessert Table or Dessert Bar (made famous by Amy Atlas, posted about here: ). I loooove dessert tables, but they do end up being considerably more expensive and difficult to pull off than a cookie buffet. The dessert bar will always be the creme de la creme, but since the cookie buffet is more accessible and affordable, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them!

  3. What a pretty blog! Good job! I must say I love cookies and that cookie buffee looks pretty dangerous to me...haha... :)

  4. What a great idea! Who doesn't love cookies?! I think I suddenly have a craving...