Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photographer Portrait: Luxe Photography

I was first introduced to the work of Larissa Addison of Luxe Photography by a bride (and good friend) of mine. This bride knew a friend who knew a friend who had hired Larissa, and as it goes, Larissa and I ended up working on the same wedding. After looking into Larissa and checking out her portfolio (as any good wedding planner worth her salt would do), I was beyond impressed with this local talent who hails from my hometown of White Rock, BC. What I found almost equally impressive were her incredibly reasonable rates for wedding packages, starting at just $1000 (better book your date quick, because I'm fairly sure that someone of her caliber won't be able to keep her rates this low for long!). Being an avid admirer of excellent photography and post editing, I can tell you with certainty that Larissa's star is on the rise. Nothing thrills me more than being able to showcase an emerging talent and hope that every little bit of exposure helps thrust her into the realms of previously mentioned Reine and Jana, Chris plus Lynn and Erin Gilmore. Posted here are just a few of my favourite shots of hers, but definitely give her blog and website a look as every image she takes is breathtaking ( I love her family portraits and children's pictures, so make sure to look at those too!). Without futher ado, here is our interview which is sure to make you squeel with glee! Her enthusiasm and passion for her craft is so inspiring!

Hello Bella Interview with Larissa Addison of Luxe Photography

HB: How did you get into photography?

LA: It dates back many years to my childhood. My parents both dabbled with photography and their own film development. However, in my youth I was too ignorant to learn the technicalities, though I loved picking up my parents 35mm cameras. Digital came around, and then my daughter was born. I began having little mini "photoshoots" with her with my point and shoot. I started doing some photo editing and after realizing I wanted to take better pictures and not just make crappy pictures look better, I took in my father's old Olympus E-500. I did a couple engagement shoots right off the bat for some friends, and the same friends booked me for their weddings at a low cost. The rest is history... I guess?

HB: What do you enjoy most about photographing weddings?

LA: Weddings are amazing. They truly are the most important day to many people - more than just bride and groom. First and foremost I love seeing a bride and groom pull together, and make a true self expression of their love with planning and designing a wedding. Second, I just love LOVE. I love seeing all these people huddle around a couple that is so excited to have a life together. I get to meet their families, their best friends, and really am truly touched by each family by the end of the day.

HB: What's been your favourite wedding to photograph so far?

LA: This has to be this hardest question. I love all of my clients so much. But so far, the most fun I've had on a wedding day was Jana and Matt's wedding on August 28th of this year. Jana was adorable, and she worried about me all day, making sure I'd eaten, etc. Also, my younger sister attended the wedding and was one of the Emcee's and it was awesome having her near me! The locations were awesome and the lighting was perfect. Bright but diffused light, we went to Granville island for portraits and this huuuuuuge (16) wedding party tromped around, the guys wearing hot pink Ray Ban sunglasses. We were a sight!

HB: Any funny or horror wedding stories?

LA:Well the only horror stories I have (since I have the best clients ever!) are really to do with location. I had one location that was absolutely terrible for lighting and the wedding party was not willing to go elsewhere. No shade, an extremely bright day, made for harsh shadows, uneven lighting and squinted eyes. It was nearly impossible to work with. I hope that brides really do take into consideration lighting when choosing their venue, and consult any photographer you know about what is the best kind of lighting for your wedding photographs.

HB: What is your favourite wedding picture to take?

LA: I absolutely LOVE taking macro ring shots, as well as setting up the bouquet, getting product shots too. My favorite ceremony shot is when the bride and groom come back down the aisle when they've just been married. They are always absolutely beaming with pride and emotion! Doing the bride and groom portraits can be very powerful and I try and invoke emotion into my bride and groom because it really shows through in the photos. I love setting them in a spot and allowing them to really embrace and look at each other, kiss and flirt, while I get wide angle shots from a slight distance.

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