Friday, November 19, 2010

Lindsay + Stu | Farmhouse Wedding

It had been a hit or miss September, and despite everyone's acknowledgement of the unpredictability of weather in the fall, I had my hopes up high. Linsday and Stu had an incredible country setting for their ceremony, and despite tents to cover guests, if the rain were to pour, then we'd be moving inside for an uncomfortable and quick reception/ ceremony room flip. I guess our many prayers payed off, because Stu and Lindsay's wedding turned out to be one of the most beautiful days in September. A tad windy, but beautiful none the less.

The emotions were high, the bridal party was STUNNING (seriously- have you seen a more beautiful bride in your life?), and the team of vendors were fab and worked hard to make this day as special as it was.

These incredible photos were taken by one of my new photographer crushes, Melissa Gidney. She is extremely talented so I suggest checking out her work! The cake was done by the fantastic team at Frostings in Langley, and the gorgeous decor by Jack and Jill. The centerpieces were a labour of love created by the bride and groom themselves (lucky girl- I could never get my hubby to do anything remotely crafty!), and DJ Jay Frost mixed some amazing tunes for the non-stop party.

This wedding will go down as one my favourites (as I am severely in LOVE with the vineyard shots). Congratulations Lindsay and Stu!


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