Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Red and Blue Inspiration: Etsy Tuesday

Pleated Collar Dress from AmandaArcher

Moroccan Save the Date from Cheerupcherup

Bird cage fascinator from 10eisha

Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes from TabbyCat13

Ok, these shoe slips might not be red or blue, but I still absolutely love them! So adorable!
Shoe Clips by bpoetic

Monogram Pocketfol Invite from beyonddesign

It's Tuesday yet again! Man how the days are just flying by! I am saying farewell to my favourite month August and hesitantly embracing September by featuring a more autumn inspired palette for this etsy Tuesday collection.

A lot of people choose to get married in late September/October because let's face it, the summer weekends book up FAST! Not to mention there's something very enticing and romantic about a crisp fall wedding. The one thing that does drive me a little bonkers with fall weddings, however, is the abundance of "fall colours" like orange, brown and red. Sure, these colours look stunning when falling from a beautiful maple in the heart of Ontario... but for your wedding? Not so much. So I say, if you're getting married in the fall, make use of all of the gorgeous colours that one might not use in the bright summer months. Take your cues from the fashion world, and incorporate dazzling jewel tones like purple, cobalt, emerald and red. Make a statement with your wedding that doesn't just say "I'm having a fall wedding". For this post I sourced out red and navy handcrafted items, but I also really love peacock colours for fall. What are your favourite fall colour combinations?

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  1. Those shoe clips are adorable! What a great idea.