Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Cloud of Words

Above: Custom Text based around Hello Bella Key Words

I may or may not have wasted quite a long time on this site, but I feel like it was worth every second! How fun are these word clouds? Head on over to Wordel to make your very own... and prepare to be addicted!
Above: Bella Blogs Word Cloud

Copy and paste a link from a blog to make a word cloud of commonly used blogged words...the more times you've used a word, the larger it will appear. You can customize font, colour, and layout, creating your very own piece of art.
Above: Ally Redhead Word Cloud ( to read Ally's inspiring blog, check it out here!)

Alternatively, paste any body of text into the form and it will create a word cloud for you.

Above: My Favourite Things Cloud ( to read Chloe's awesome blog, check it out here!)

How FUN would it be to use your vows, a love letter, or a favourite short story to create a word cloud. Print it out and frame it, and voila- super easy and thoughtful Christmas gift!

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