Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Jen, I've got to plan a wedding IN A WEEK"

"Jen, I've got to plan a wedding IN A WEEK, and I need your help!"

This was the phone call I received from my friend and bridal model/actress extraordinaire Lisa about a month ago (check her out in Aisle Walk magazine and sporting many amazing wedding dresses for Caroline Calvert Couture).

Her mother had dropped the bomb that her and her longtime boyfriend were going to have a VERY intimate marriage ceremony the following weekend and that she didn't want to make a big fuss about it. Lisa, the ever caring and wonderful daughter she is, just wouldn't let her mom NOT have a wedding. It wasn't going to be big and spectacular, but it needed to be special and to capture the day that would see Norm and Ruth commit to each other for life.

A week to plan, to get together some awesome vendors to volunteer their time, and a week to make some magic happen. I was joined by the ever lovely and talented Larissa of Luxe Photography who took these amazing pictures above. I whipped together some pretty purple cupcakes to match the lavender and teal colour scheme, and with a lot of help from family and friends, Lisa and I pulled off a very sweet and genuine wedding for her parents.

In order to make long distance family a part of the day, two seperate webcams were set up to live feed the ceremony over the internet. The guest list practically doubled within that week as more and more people found out about the wedding, and this day was successful largely in part to the contribution of many caring people (Edwin, Lisa's bf, and her aunt did an incredible job acting as assistants!). All in all it was a really fun and sentimental day to be a part of. All my blessings to your continued happiness together Ruth & Norm!

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